nVision Mobile

Sales Order Management

Increase your sales by streamlining the order process and accelerate product presentation.

Our online platform enables you to manage customers, products and orders. Information can be filtered to suit the individual Sales Rep.

Our iPad app nVision Mobile can be used anywhere and anytime regardless of Internet connection.

We support XLS, CSV, XML files, and integrate with partners like Microsoft and QuickBooks.

Managing data is easy on our open platform. Import and export customers, products and orders.

More than 2500 happy customers



Products can be presented in a quick and convincing way

Product details such as stock level, prices, and pictures are always updated and new products can be added daily.

Products can be grouped in sections according to color, size, and model number.

Bodum in the US take up thousands of orders by simply streamlining the sales order process.


Key information about your customers

Quickly access addresses and contact information,

For each customer there is a complete order and visit history. This way you get a quick overview before meeting with the customer.

With the camera you can upload pictures of shop decorations or defective products.

Sell more today

Touch a product and add it to the order

Take the order

As easy as one-two-three

Create orders fast and add products by browsing the product list, using PDF catalogues or scan the barcodes.

Orders can be signed on the screen and emailed to the customer.

Orders can be duplicated to multiple customers giving you a fast way of making severeal orders in a few seconds.

Products can be displayed in full screen while ordering which maximizes your ordering process.

Order totals are continuously updated and you can set both delivery and order date.

Make sales easier - add a barcode scanner nVision Mobile is compa- tible with Socket scanners.


Work with multiple accounts on the iPad.

If you work for multiple manufactures or as a part of a rep group, you need to create orders for multiple accounts.

Multiple accounts

You can create multiple accounts that each hold their own set of customers, products and orders. Its easy to switch between the accounts.

Filter by manufacturer

If you prefer one account you can filter the product list by manufacturer. This allows you to combine products from multiple manufactures in one order.

Go Show It

Increase sales at your tradeshows

You can easily transform your PDF catalogues into an interactive sales tool.

When you swipe through the catalogue touch the products to add to the order.

Let customers pay by debit or credit card when the order is taken.

At the tradeshows I have a maximum of 10 minutes with each customer. I can add SKU’s faster with the barcode scanner.

Get paid today

Process credit cards from our app.

We are working with Stripe to ensure you can collect the payment when the order is taken.

Stripe Terminal enables you to do in-person checkouts and to accept payments in the physical world.

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